ARK All Saints has an exciting and challenging curriculum. Our scholars work longer hours than in a typical secondary school – 33 rather than 25 hours of formal classes a week.

Ark All Saints Academy specialises in Mathematics and all Year 7 and 8 scholars follow the Mathematics Mastery programme. At KS3 there is a strong emphasis on the teaching of core subjects, every scholar in the school, regardless of age or ability gets at least one lesson of Maths, English and Science every day. If scholars are behind in these subjects we will give them extra time and support so that they can catch up and keep up.

To be successful at school, in higher education and in the workplace, well-honed literacy skills are vital, so scholars are given 30 minutes of guided reading sessions four times a week. Scholars who have specific weaknesses in their reading follow the Read, Write Inc. programme from Ruth Miskin Literacy. They are taught in small groups by trained staff for an additional four hours a week. Additionally, in Year 7 scholars have six lessons of English each week.

The specific emphases of the academic curriculum are:

  • Developing scholar mastery of skills, knowledge and understanding from KS3 which are required for A-Level success.
  • The curriculum is designed back from the intended end point – enabling scholars to reach university.
  • At least one session of English and one session of Mathematics every day for every scholar.
  • Daily reading and timetables practice of 30 minutes for all scholars in Years 7, 8 and 9.
  • RE will be mandatory for all scholars in all years – This will include aspects of citizenship and SMSC.

If you would like more information about the curriculum, please send an email to for the attention of Mr Templeton.

Curriculum Plan

Full details of the Ark All Saints Curriculum Plan for Years 7 to 11 can be found here: PDF iconArk All Saints Curriculum Plan