Welcome to our website. We aim for all scholars to leave Ark All Saints Academy equipped with the skills necessary for success at university or to pursue a career of their choice. There are no excuses; we wish nothing less for our scholars than we would for our own children.

At Ark All Saints Academy we believe that the parents are the experts in their child’s life and we want to work with them in order for our children to be successful.

Ark All Saints Academy opened in September 2013 welcoming its first cohort of scholars. Our academy offers excellent opportunities for local children and we moved into our wonderful new building in January 2014.

Our values and ethos are based in Christian principles and whilst we welcome people of all faith and none, we expect all scholars to respect each other's faith.

We are aiming high – we will relentlessly pursue academic excellence for all children.  Our teaching and academic intervention groups are named after leading universities as a  reminder to all of our aims. We want to ensure that all scholars have mastery over key skills in literacy and numeracy to ensure their success in higher years.

Whilst we want our scholars to develop a love of learning, we also want to provide opportunities for scholars to grow their talents. Have a look at our enrichment timetable to see what is on offer this year.

We end every Friday with a shout out celebration in which we remind each other of our goals:

  • To grow in CONFIDENCE
  • To act with INTEGRITY

If you would like to get involved in Ark All Saints Academy or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

We will achieve our potential with support from our faith, support from our families, support from our staff, support from our scholars and with support from you.

Lucy Frame

From our Chair of Governors

Ark All Saints Academy (AASA) sits in the Camberwell community and over the past few years has become a school that the local community is proud of! Why? Because it believes in the young people within the local area and plays a significant part in equipping them for the journey of life.

For those who have entered the AASA building, you will know that one of the first things to impact you is the words, ‘I have come to give them life in all its fulness.’ Taken from one of the many sayings of Jesus, perhaps ‘life in all its fulness’ is the best way to describe AASA! Why? Because the school desires to equip ALL of our scholars for university and beyond, helping them to not just understand GCSE subjects, yet equipping them for the journey of life.

To make this a reality we will ensure that our scholars build high level literacy, mathematical, scientific, linguistic and wider creative skills and develop a love of learning and knowledge of the wider world. They will have the ability to study independently and to be self-disciplined. This first class education is being delivered by an outstanding group of teachers and staff, led by Lucy Frame, an excellent principal who has vast experience in playing a part in creating successful schools in the local borough.

Jonny Smith
Chair of Governors