• Dark purple AASA blazer
  • Purple AASA jumper with silver stripe
  • AASA Tie (if shirt is worn)
  • Hijab (if a head scarf is to be worn) - black
  • White shirt (must be worn with tie)
  • White blouse (must not be worn with tie)
  • Dark grey trousers (no leggings or tracksuits)
  • Dark grey skirt, which must come below the knee
  • Plain black leather shoes - trainers or trainer type shoes are not allowed
  • Plain black socks/tights
  • Plain black wooly hat
  • Plain black scarf
  • School bag able to comfortably carry an A4 folder and is waterproof - An AASA bag is available
  • Plain black overcoat without logos

 PE Kit

  • Black AASA sports trousers
  • Purple AASA shorts (optional)
  • Purple AASA polo shirt
  • Black AASA sports jacket
  • Black AASA sweatshirt
  • White trainers, with non-marking soles
  • White socks
  • Hand towel
  • Sports Bra (for girls only)


  • Scholars must have professional hair styles.
  • It must be free from cut ins (this includes eyebrows) and hair ornaments.
  • We allow scholars to have any naturally coloured dyed hair, For example, black, brown, blond, etc NOT red or purple

General Presentation 

  • Scholars are expected to attend school free from make-up, nail varnish & fake nails.
  • Scholars are allowed to wear one small stud in each ear and a watch.
  • Scholars are not allowed to wear 'hoodies' either during or to and from school.

In breach of any of these cases scholars will be required to remedy the situation either on site if possible or go home until it is returned to acceptable academy policy.

Every day:

  • All buttons should be done up including the top one. If the top button is missing scholars will need to sew it back on.
  • Ties should be 7 stripes long with a neat knot.
  • Shirts and blouses must be tucked into trousers or skirts.
  • The blazer must be worn at all times - to and from the academy and in all parts of the academy.
  • Scholars can wear trousers or skirts.
  • The skirt can be pleated or straight - it must be plain and dark grey. The skirt must come to below the knee. An AASA skirt is available.
  • Scholars must wear either a shirt and tie, or a blouse. A blouse and tie is not acceptable

 Our current uniform price list can be downloaded below, and bought from the Academy Shop:


All scholars must bring with them every day:

  • Pencil case (must be clear plastic) containing all the items below *
  • Folder (A4 and provided by the academy) *
  • Passport (Academy day book) *
  • Calculator (Scientific - can be purchased from the Academy Shop)
  • Reading book
  • English Dictionary
  • Water bottle (must be clear plastic)
  • Spanish Dictionary

In their pencil case must be:

  • Green pen
  • Red pen
  • Ruler (30 cm)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Highlighter pen (x 2 colours)
  • Ink pen (blue or black pen/biro or fountain)
  • Pencil (x 2)

(*) if a scholar is missing these items they will be required to return home to get them.

The Academy Shop sells most commonly required stationery.