At Ark All Saints Academy we believe that every scholar wants to do the right thing and will do so most of the time. In cases where they do not, we have the following sanctions available to us in order to try and correct their behaviour:

Ten Minute Time Out

Sometimes scholars need time to reflect and settle away from their peers to prevent their behaviour from escalating. In these circumstances staff are able to issue a ten-minute time out card, and the scholar will be asked to leave the classroom and go to the Reflection area for ten minutes.


20 minute after-school detentions are used in cases of continuing defiance or where the teacher wishes to talk with the scholar away from the rest of the class.

Whole class detentions will be a rare event and only sanctioned under exceptional circumstances by an SLT member.

Saturday community service

On some occasions of defiance scholars need an intense session with a member of SLT and their parent. This session consists of the following:

  • Explanation of why the behaviour is unacceptable and why the punishment is needed.
  • Discussion of why the defiance occurred.
  • Apology – repentance and acceptance.
  • Restitution – putting things right.
  • Forgiveness – fresh start.

Examples of behaviour that might require a Saturday community service are: chewing gum, bringing friends to the academy, graffiti, consistently failing to bring necessary equipment, bringing the academy’s name into disrepute.

Internal Exclusion

In serious circumstances, but where we do not wish to issue a formal exclusion, an internal exclusion may be used. The scholar will be given work by their teachers for the day, and they will spend the day away from other scholars.

Fixed Term Exclusion

For serious incidents or continuing misbehaviour we will issue a fixed term, external exclusion for between 2 and 5 days. During this time, the scholar will be given work to complete at home.

Permanent Exclusion

For the most serious incidents, we reserve the right to permanently exclude a scholar who has acted in a dangerous way.


For more information, please see our Behaviour Policy.