U16 London Cup

Friday 15 October 2021

Football continues at AASA...

BDA hosted AASA in the first round of the u16 London Cup. The team started off on the front foot with some fantastic possession play and communication, however due to complacency AASA conceded the first goal. As the first half went on AASA continued to show their quality and continued to create opportunities to equalise but was too slow in their decision making in the final third. The first half ended 1-0 to BDA. During the second half AASA were on top again however, as they continued to search for the equaliser, their fantastic possession football began to fade away. A fabulous through ball was played from the midfield and Ashley immediately pounced on the opportunity with a great finish past the goalkeeper, grabbing the equaliser. Few minutes later Malik managed to turn the game on its head as the keeper fluffed his lines, making it 2-1 to AASA. However, BDA were not going to give up easily and started to push for the equaliser which came eventually at the final 10 minutes of the match with a brilliant right foot strike from their main player. The game is now open and end to end at this point. As BDA continued to attack, their player glided past two AASA defender and what seemed like an excellent strike and would have perhaps won them the match turned out to hit the inside of the post, a potential VAR moment as the ball rolled on the line. AASA managed to clear the ball and through on counterattack. Ashley received the ball and using his strength to beat the defender, he managed to create a yard for himself to shoot, and it was an exquisite execution of a powerful left footed strike beyond the keeper’s reach in the final moments of the match. Final score 3-2 win to AASA.

Man of the Match goes to John 

A great start to the season. Thank you all for your support.

Shout out to the Year 11 boys’ team!!!