Life at ARK All Saints

Sunday 15 September 2013

House membership supports our commitment to knowing every scholar individually whilst also reinforcing our values. There are four Houses at ARK All Saints Academy.

Each house is named after a ‘modern day saint’. They may not be saints in the strict sense of the word but they are each Christians whose lives reflect our core values.

  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

The way the ‘Saints’ lived their lives made a positive impact on their communities and we believe that by learning about them we will be able to have a positive impact on our communities. Each of our House ‘Saints’ have been carefully chosen to represent a different aspect of our Camberwell community.

Scholars meet as ‘Houses’ during special assemblies but mainly through competitions and community events. Houses are a very important part of our lives - they foster team spirit, a sense of responsibility, an understanding of being a neighbour through charity and the joy of having fun together.

Each half term the scholars will enjoy different House competitions which bring out their many talents. Art, drama, music, sport are just some of the ways in which our scholars take part in the life of our academy.

Every house achievement also builds up points for the House.

Other ways of accumulating points are through:

  • 100% attendance
  • 100% punctuality
  • Being a good neighbour
  • Commendations

As the academy grows so too will the House system. Each House will contain one pastoral tutor group from each year group. Each scholar will stay in their House until they leave to go to university or fulfil other ambitions. This enables mentoring within the House, and a strong sense of nurturing younger scholars to work for the good of the House.