Admissions Consultation 2021/22

Tuesday 08 October 2019

Ark All Saints Academy Admissions Consultation 2021/22 Ark All Saints Academy is now consulting on its admissions policy for September 2021 intake. Consultation will run from 8th October to 18th November 2019.

The School Admissions Code 2014 requires all schools to publicly consult on their admissions arrangements;

  1. if any significant changes are made
  2. after a maximum period of seven years, even if no changes have been made.

It has been seven years since Ark All Saints Academy publicly consulted on admissions arrangements and there are no proposed changes to the previous arrangements.

The updated draft policy (which is unchanged from the previous admissions policy) is available here. Hard copies are also available on request at the contact details below.

Should you wish to comment on the existing policy, please let us know by sending us feedback, using one of the methods below.

Submitting Feedback
Comments should be submitted either by email post to:

Admissions Officer:        Mrs N Falzarano   
Post:                                      Ark All Saints Academy, 140 Wyndham Road, London SE5 0UB

Correspondence should be headed “Ark All Saints Academy Admissions Consultation 2021”.

Consultation closes on 18th November 2019, all comments should be received by this date.

Next Steps
Once public consultation has closed, Ark Schools (the admissions authority for Ark All Saints Academy) will consider all feedback to the proposed admissions arrangements and make recommendations for final changes, where relevant. The final admissions arrangements will be determined by the Ark Schools Management Team before 28th February 2020 and published on the academy’s website.