AASA Summer School

Tuesday 23 July 2019

AASA Summer School will be open every weekday from Wednesday 24th July 2019

9am - 12pm


Summer School rules:

  • All scholars must be in the academy to register for an activity between 9.00am and 9.15am. Scholars who arrive later will not be allowed into the academy
  • Once registered, scholars will only be allowed to leave the academy at 10.30pm OR 12.00pm
  • Only an allotted number of scholars will be allowed in the academy at any time.
  • The academy will not reserve places for scholars (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED).
  • Scholars must not bring friends or family to attend activities.
  • No friends are allowed to meet any scholars outside or near the academy.
  • Scholars must stay in their chosen activity.
  • Scholars are allowed to wear their own clothes but must dress sensibly.
  • No lunch will be provided.
  • Scholars are allowed to bring a water bottle but no food is allowed to be eaten on site. Any food brought in must be inside a bag for later consumption.
  • Scholars may be asked to leave site at any time.