8.10 We all meet at for the Principal's briefing.

8.25 We all go to welcome our scholars back to school and to see how they are.

8.30 Staff have half an hour every morning before the start of Period 1. We do different things every day: Monday & Friday are department/team meetings. Tuesday & Thursday are Teach Like a Champion training sessions, and Wednesday is group meetings (Heads of Department, Middle Leaders, Teachers, etc.)

9.00 All lessons have started.

The first seven minutes of each lesson is called the 'get to work routine' - this is done in silence and gives our scholars a chance to focus on the lesson at hand and the teacher a chance to do the register. It is also an opportunity for scholars to develop resilience when dealing with problems.  No one should talk to anyone, including asking me for help, during this.

At AASA we don't have a morning break so scholars are allowed to go to the toilet whenever they need to - they have to show the special sign.

At AASA we use lots of hand signals - this is to minimise loss of learning time due to interruptions.

11.45 After a long morning we have lunch over two different slots (11.45am-12.15pm for Years 7-8 and 12.40pm-13.10pm for YEars 9-10).

Whilst lunch is only 30 minutes long most of the staff eat with the scholars in the dining hall. We know this is important in building relationships with the scholars. We also want to model how we eat and talk at lunch time.

12.15 We line up again - at this point the Pastoral Director will refocus the year group in their charge.

2.30 All scholars go to their academic tutor groups. These are groups of about 15 scholars who are grouped according to reading age. They will then follow the reading programme. During this time the AT will also check passports, check reports and check-in with their tutees.

3.00 We go to the Commons for the Principal's assembly.

3.30 We may be in several places -

  • Running academic intervention
  • On the street doing street duty
  • In detention meeting with scholars

4.00 The provision and patrols team meet to review the day and put support in place for the next day.


8.00 in A09 all new staff and NQTs meet for the 15 min focus. This is a practical session that allows staff a chance to practise a part of T and L, e.g. Strong voice.

The day runs as it did on Monday until Period 8.

3.00 One of the year groups will have an assembly whilst the other year has a Philosophy for Learning session. This switches on a weekly basis.

3.30 If I have given any Corrections in the day, I go to the Dining Hall to meet with the scholars I gave a Correction to. At this meeting I’ll explain why they were issued with a Correction, and we’ll talk it through to try and avoid it happening again in future. We don’t think that a traditional detention of just sitting there for 20 minutes is helpful at AASA.

4.00 NQTS have their training session.


8.00 An optional communion service for all AASA members is run by the Chaplain.

The day then runs as usual until we get to 2.30.

2.30 On a Wednesday the academy day ends now for scholars in Years 7-9. Year 10 have an extra period to get them ready for GCSEs, so they continue until 3.00pm. The Library is still open until 4.30 and enrichment activities continue to take place.

3.10 All staff meet for WTW (Working Together Wednesday). Every week all staff meet for 90 minutes for training; this is usually split up into 3 half hour sessions on varying topics. WTW can also include a music event by the scholars, a parent information event or planning sessions. I need to bring my purple folder to WTW as this contains all my training notes, seating plans and other documents I need; I’ll either be adding to this or referring to these in the training session.


8.00 The 15 min focus runs on Thursdays, same as Tuesday, for all NQTs and new staff. Any staff are welcome to come along to practice their techniques.

The day runs as it did on Tuesday until Period 8.

3.00 All year groups have Academic Tutor Time. A PowerPoint has been sent around by the Pastoral Directors; this will have planned activities in it which are designed to teach our scholars life skills and about the school. We can also use this time to hand out letters, check passports, etc.


8.10 We all go to the Staff Room have our Staff Shout-Out. This is an opportunity for any staff member to thank any other member of staff for something during the week; this could be helping out with enrichment or lessons, dealing with a problem or just supporting each other. Staff give each other clicks to say well done and thank you. We also get croissants and a weekly roundup from the Principal.

The day continues as with Thursday until Period 8.

3.00 All Academic Tutor groups are taken to the Sports Hall. We line up outside and proceed in to the Sports Hall for Shout-Out. We start with our Shout Out, before handing out certificates to scholars. This is one of the best parts of the week, as we all gather as a family to say well done and thank you to each other and the scholars. We end the Shout Out with a blessing and prayer from the Chaplain for the weekend.