ReadingAt Ark All Saints Academy, we have dedicated time every day of the week for our reading programme.

Each reading group is carefully selected based on ability and gender so that the correct book can be chosen so that scholars can both understand and enjoy the content. Scholar recommendations are taken into account and if possible, given that book to read for that term.

Everybody reads at Ark All Saints. The sessions are geared towards reading for pleasure and every scholar is expected to read and participate in discussions and questions based on their book. We encourage scholars to lead some of these sessions and ensure that passion, enthusiasm, enjoyment and debate are at the forefront of each session.

Scholars record video blogs of their novels recommending the book to scholars that wish to read it. Book reviews are written at the end of each book and displayed in the classroom and library of our academy. Scholars can also complete quizzes on each book testing their understanding of the content. This aids the academy in deciding what book to choose next for that group.