As a prelude to effective learning, Ark All Saints Academy believes that supporting our scholars with poor behaviour, special educational needs, or other concerns is an incredibly important step in helping them to reach their full potential as scholars and well rounded individuals. We therefore have a Provision Team at the academy, which focuses on these aspects of our scholars' lives, the aims of this Provision programme are:

  • To identify scholars requiring support and provide them with the appropriate interventions to enable them to be successful
  • SupportTo ensure that poor behaviour, mental health concerns, social concerns, medical needs or other particular needs are not reasons preventing scholars from accessing the curriculum or making the required progress.
  • To provide appropriate support for scholars at risk of exclusion
  • To provide support for scholars who are vulnerable or require help developing good social and emotional skills
  • To work with families and outside agencies when required to provide co-ordinated support for each scholar
  • To ensure that all scholars avoid being excluded