Principal's PrepPrincipal’s prep is a one x 55 minute session each week with the Principal and Senior Pastoral Director in which scholars learn about the academy.

There are many intended outcomes of the course but the main intentions are:

  • For the Principal and Year 7 scholars to build relationships and get to know each other.
  • For scholars to understand the history of the academy and the values that underpin it.
  • Through consistent weekly checks, for the Principal to communicate the high expectations of equipment, full sentences and folder control.
  • To introduce ‘soft skills’ to the scholars, such as welcoming visitors, hand shaking, eye contact, etc.
  • For the scholars to learn about ways of keeping themselves safe and the different systems within the academy which enable this.

The course is structured over 12 weeks, you can see some of the topics we cover below:

  1. To establish rapport with scholars,Learn names
  2. Why do we need to organise ourselves?
  3. Raise awareness of dangers we face on the streets.
  4. Meet our policeman
  5. How do I keep myself safe? – on the streets
  6. How do I keep myself safe? – at home
  7. How do I keep myself safe? – at school
  8. To be able to articulate how AASA approaches bullying.
  9. Scholars write a reply to a ‘Dear Scholar’ letter
  10. For scholars to adopt the values of AASA and be able to articulate them.
  11. For scholars to be able to identify the values in their every day actions.
  12. Why do we have CRIS as our values?
  13. How to welcome visitors?
  14. Does where I work impact on the quality of my studying?
  15. Does being a faith school make a difference?
  16. What is the purpose of the Founders Day service?
  17. How to revise
  18. How can we turn failure into a positive experience?