Mathematics Mastery`

Mathematics Mastery is an innovative maths teaching framework, supporting schools, students and teachers to be successful at maths.

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum that has high expectations for every child, spends more time on fewer topics and focuses teaching on using mathematics principles to problem-solve.

Objects, pictures and words are everywhere. We use these to help scholars explore maths and understand the role it plays in their lives. We also ask that scholars always explain maths in full sentences – not just what the answer is, but how they know it’s the right answer.

Our curriculum ensures that scholars understand basic concepts thoroughly and then builds on these skills throughout the year so that they gain a cumulative knowledge. We spend longer on topics so that pupils become fluent in them.

Problem-solving is integrated throughout every lesson. Scholars of all standards are required to select, understand and apply the relevant mathematics principle. They represent concepts using ‘bar models’, objects and pictures, and by making connections between different representations. This gives them the confidence, resilience and ability to tackle any problem rather than repeating routines without grasping the principles.

This is how we develop scholars with a deep understanding of mathematics.