English Mastery is a curriculum that helps all children to succeed in English. It combines books, lesson plans and lesson content, tests and mark schemes – as well as an online platform to help teachers use them.Books

By helping scholars to really master English, it gives them essential skills - skills that will not only help them to do well in other subjects, but that they will need long after they have left school. English Mastery also helps scholars to develop a love of literature that will stir their imaginations, open their minds and enrich their school lives.

English Mastery works for our scholars because:

  • It gives every child strong foundations
  • It’s designed to make the ideas stick
  • It focuses on depth before breadth
  • It teaches both literature and literacy
  • It develops not just competency, but a love of language
Sometimes, children can get good results in a subject just because they’ve worked hard for their exams – but they haven’t necessarily mastered the subject. For instance, they might know that something works a certain way without really knowing why. They might not be able to apply what they’ve learned to other subjects. They might forget the ideas quite quickly after their exams are done.   


We want our scholars to master English. That means really understanding the building blocks of language and being able to use them clearly, fluently and elegantly. It means being able to apply these building blocks both in English lessons and in other lessons too. It means grasping the ideas on a deeper level, and still being able to use them much later in adult life.