At Ark All Saints Academy we regularly assess scholars’ academic progress. Accurate and thorough assessment is extremely important so that scholars receive the appropriate support and challenge.

Assessments in most subjects are taken under exam conditions at the end of each two terms and parents are informed of their child’s progress through a report in Terms 2, 4 & 6. The results of these assessments inform and guide us for the next term.

All subjects are assessed three times a year in terms 2, 4 and 6. Additionally core subjects use interim assessments throughout each term to assess the progress of scholars.

At the end of each assessment cycle, the progress of scholars is reviewed. Those scholars who are failing to make progress in line with their ability will also be expected to attend academic intervention sessions after school for one hour a week. The purpose of which is to provide opportunities for scholars to master the key skills required in order for them to make progress.

All academic intervention sessions are tailored to the ability and need of the scholars attending them.

At Ark All Saints Academy we have four academic groups that scholars are taught in, these groups are named after universities from across the United Kingdom. By doing this we hope to instil in our scholars the belief that all of them are able to attend university. Scholars may be in different groups in different subjects, depending on their academic strengths in different parts of the curriculum. After each assessment cycle groups will be reviewed, to ensure that the needs of every scholar are met.