Vision and values

Ark All Saints is an academy with the highest expectations of its scholars, staff and parents.

Our vision is for all members of our All Saints family to be confident, responsible, successful and to live with integrity. This will enable our scholars to be well prepared for the next phase of their life whether that is to university or in pursuing the career of their choice.

  • We welcome scholars of all faiths to our Church of England academy where our guiding principles are based on Christian values.
  • We treat every scholar as an individual and we work with them and their families to develop and nurture their talents.
  • We wish nothing less for our scholars than we would for our own families.
  • We make no excuses.

Our 4 values


Peter trusted Christ and was confident in who he was. As a result he was able to walk on water. We want our scholars to trust in God, be confident in who he is and do amazing things.






We want our scholars to love kindness, show justice and walk humbly with God.







We believe that God gave us the earth to look after and all that exists within it. We want our scholars to be stewards of God's creation.






As a good tree produces good fruit - we will be known by the quality of the fruit we produce. We want our scholars to have good relationships, be great role models, be kind and generous citizens as well as being a academically successful.