ScienceScholars at Ark All Saints Academy are exposed to a wide range of scientific knowledge equipping them not only for their GCSE examinations but university and the wider world. Scholars study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as Integrated Science in Years 7 and 8, through which a variety of units are explored. The units of study are detailed below:

Year 7

Introductory unit: Working safely in the Laboratory

Biology: The World of Cells, Gaseous Exchange in Organisms, Food & Health, Environmental Science

Chemistry: Earth Science, Elements & Compounds, Particle Science, Chemical reactions, States of Matter

Physics: Science of Waves, Space Science, Forces, Electricity and Magnetism

Year 8

Introductory unit: Working safely in the Laboratory

Biology: Health Science, Body Systems, Respiration, Digestion, Plant Science

Chemistry: Pure & Impure Substances, Table of Elements, Materials, Earth & Atmosphere

Physics: Forces & Motion, Magnetism, Science of Light, Energy systems

Year 9

In Year 9, scholars start their GCSE Units studying units from AQA Separate Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as detailed below:

Introductory unit: GCSE Science Numeracy & How Science Works

Biology: Cell Biology, Organisation

Chemistry: Atomic Structure & Bonding, Quantitative Chemistry

Physics: Forces, Energy

Year 10

In Year 10, scholars are in their second year studying GSCE Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Subjects are taught by specialist teachers to enable them to make maximum progress in specialisms studies.

The units covered in Year 10 are as follows:




Organization & Digestion Chemical calculations Electric circuits
Organizing animals & plants Chemical changes Electricity in the home
Communicable diseases Electrolysis Molecules & matter
Disease prevention & treatment Energy changes Radioactivity
Non-communicable disease Rates & Equilibrium Forces in balance
Photosynthesis Chemical Analysis Motion
Respiration   Forces & Motion
The Human Nervous System   Forces & Pressure
Hormonal control   Wave properties
Genetics & Evolution    
Variation & Evolution    

At every level of study scholars at Ark All Saints Academy are subjected to rigorous formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments are done on all the units detailed in the various curriculum areas while summative assessments are completed at the end of every term.  Regular homework is also given to encourage scholars to develop their research skills and create a love for learning.

Scholars also have the opportunity to partake in a variety of planned science activities such as: Clinical Skills at Kings College London for Years 7 to 9; geared at inspiring our young people to pursue a career in medicine.