Year 7

GeographyWhat is Geography? – Scholars will be asking the question ‘What is geography?’ Scholars will then explore specialist language and key terms related to physical, human and environmental geography.

Map Skills – Scholars will learn how to use maps and graphs. They will also study settlements.

The UK – Scholars will learn about the United Kingdom. They will learn what exactly the UK is and where it is located as well as learning about the physical features of the UK. Scholars will then learn about the diversity of the UK; its peoples and regions, and finally learning about the population of both the UK and the global population.

Year 8

Coastal change and conflict – Scholars will study the British coastline and learn about why the coastline takes the form that it does. What changes the shape of the coast and what impact does this have on settlements around it.

Development dynamics – Focusing on Brazil, scholars will investigate the differences between a developing, emerging and developed country. Using development indicators scholars will understand how countries are measured and the effect that this has on the people within these countries.

Year 9

Terms 1 & 2: The Restless Earth – Scholars will learn about the difference in the earth’s surface and the impact that it has. They will particularly focus on volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis relating all to relevant case studies.

Terms 3 & 4: Water on the Land – Scholars will study how rivers are formed. Focusing on the different courses of the river, how each course has different features and look at a number of case studies.
Terms 5 & 6: Population Growth – Scholars will learn about how the population is changing across the world and the positive and negative impacts that it has.

Year 10

Terms 1 & 2: Challenges of an urbanising world – Today more people live in urban areas than rural areas. Scholars will be researching why the world is becoming increasingly urbanised. Why and how cities change and develop over time and how this effects the quality of life.

Terms 3 & 4: The UK's Evolving Human Landscape – The human landscape of the UK has been changing for thousands of years; however most change has happened over the past 50 years. Why are population, economic activity and settlements key elements of the human landscape? Scholars will investigate what impacts globalisation, trade and investment have on the UK and also migration to the UK.

Terms 5 & 6: Scholars will be using this opportunity to stretch their knowledge and understanding regarding the ‘Coastal change and conflict’ and also the ‘Development dynamics’ units.