Both the Drama and Music departments have several extra-curricular activities that scholars can take part in.


Shakespeare School’s Festival – Henry V

From September until November 18 scholars who have auditioned for parts will work every Tuesday and Thursday after school to create a 30 minute version of Shakespeare’s Henry V. The hard work from the scholars in rehearsals will culminate with a performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Central London to an audience of family, friends and staff.

Whole School Musical – We Will Rock You

From December until May both the Music and Drama Departments will be working together to create AASA’s first ever school musical. With workshops from professional directors and regular rehearsals focusing on song, dance and acting scholars will work towards three performances in the Summer term at AASA to an audience of family, friends and staff.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Y7-Y10 Voice           

GCSE drop-in (3.45-4.30)

Shout Out Drumming           

Music Technology

Y7-Y9 (3.45-4.15)

GCSE Scholars (4.00-5.00)

  Orchestra Y7-Y10 Scholar Rehearsals (3.45-4.30)